Steps To Take After A Truck Accident

5 Smart Steps To Take After A Truck Accident | Tc Magazine

This is something we rarely think about because most of us cannot imagine being involved in truck accidents. Since you are reading these lines, there is a pretty good possibility you were actually involved in one. Knowing what you should do next is very important. Basically, the main goals you should have are these:

Besides this, here are some actionable tips to help you even more. 

Never Leave The Scene

You should never leave the scene of a car accident but this is even more important when referring to truck accidents. This is because you might end up being accused of hit-and-run. Since we are talking about a serious accident, the repercussions can be really serious. 

Fortunately, you can remove yourself and other passengers from the actual vicinity of the crash and you can avoid staying in a traffic lane. This is just common sense. 

Contact The Authorities

Contact 911 as soon as possible so you can report the accident. When you do not have access to a phone, simply find someone who will help you. Basically, you need to contact the authorities so that a police officer can come to the scene and medical personnel can get you and others checked out. 

Whenever possible and you are not in danger, check on the others. Try to assess injuries and help if you can. 

Gather Evidence

You will need as much evidence as possible in the future to protect your best interests and eventually file a claim with insurance companies. Some very good proof includes photographs and videos of the wreck. 

Do not believe that pictures or videos taken with your smartphone are not good. They are more than suitable. Make sure to photograph all injuries, vehicle damages, and skid marks if they are present. Even pictures of debris can help. 

After you are done with recording your evidence, gather contact information from people involved and eyewitnesses. This data can help you to get even more proof of what happened. 

Go Get Checked Out

You have to go to an emergency room after a truck accident. It does not matter if you think you are not injured or that your injuries are not serious. It is very possible that you are in fact injured and you do not even know it. 

As an example, you might be suffering from internal bleeding or concussions. These rarely show symptoms right after the crash. In addition, when you decide to start the proceedings of an injury lawsuit, you need proof of the injuries you suffered. The best possible proof of that is the various medical records you gather as you get assessed and treated. 

When you do not get this medical exam after the accident, the insurance adjuster will argue that your injuries were not that bad. Or, they will say what you claim happened appeared after the truck accident. Your car accident attorney will make sure nobody will take advantage of such bad decisions but you still need to get medical records.