January 29, 2022


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What Is a Citizenship Attorney And How Does It Help You As an Immigrant?

The act of naturalization is the lawful process for obtaining citizenship and another immigration status in the United States. Naturalization refers to the simultaneous acquisition of U.S. citizenship by a qualified applicant who has complied with all requirements required by the law. Naturalization involves applying with the federal government, along with prescribed fees. For many individuals, naturalization can be a stressful and complicated process; however, there are some assistance programs available that can ease the stress and confusion caused by naturalization paperwork. Two essential aspects of securing citizenship are preparing for the interview process with the immigration authorities and filing the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The purpose of seeking the assistance of a Citizenship attorney is twofold. First, an experienced lawyer can advise an individual on the effective routes to take for achieving permanent residence in the United States. Oftentimes, individuals who become eligible for immigration benefits from the federal government do not know all of the requirements required to apply for these benefits. For example, many individuals do not realize that they must provide Form I-9 documentation from the Social Security Administration, or they need to qualify for work-study or social security eligibility under the SSI program.

Faced with the possibility of deportation

Another reason an individual may seek the services of a U.S. citizen citizenship attorney is when they are faced with the possibility of deportation. An immigration court will often decide against the advice of an individual’s lawyer regarding their likelihood of success at a hearing with the courts. If an individual does not have the financial means to hire a counsel, they should consider hiring a skilled ESL attorney (esquire) to represent them before the courts. In many cases, immigration judges are forced to decide an individual’s best interests due to a lack of appropriate language skills and experience with U.S. laws. For this reason, individuals should obtain the services of an experienced and skillful immigration attorney from the beginning of any proceedings.

Many individuals do not realize that they have the legal right to remain in the country after they have become eligible for naturalization as U.S. citizens. However, many courts may require an immigrant to appear in court at the final step of the naturalization process, called adjudication. An ESL attorney may be necessary to represent an immigrant at this critical step.

The significance of applying for citizenship

Many immigrants do not fully understand the significance of applying for citizenship immediately after arriving in the country. There are various steps required to apply for citizenship, including submitting a complete application, making sure that it is completely completed and signed, presenting proof of immunization, waiting until a specified period has passed without a public statement, and appealing the court’s decision at the final step. Without proper guidance from an experienced U.S. citizenship lawyer, many immigrants may discover that they can not correctly complete one of these steps and can not complete the process before their application expires. An experienced U.S. citizenship lawyer will ensure that this last step is taken if it is necessary.

The importance of choosing an experienced U.S. citizenship lawyer is particularly essential when dealing with the immigration issue of allegiance. An incorrect decision regarding allegiance could result in possible arrest and deportation. In addition, if there is a mistake made on the application for naturalization, there is a strong chance that the immigrant may be removed from the country before their permanent residency has been approved. In the past, the best solution for dealing with an issue concerning allegiance was to apply for a green card directly after arriving in the United States. However, today most green card applications can be completed in as little as five years using the new options available through the naturalization process.