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A WOMAN has shared how she found love in the most unlikely place after sending her now partner to jail. 

Marisa Marie explained how she was working as a caseworker when she sent a man to prison to serve a year’s sentence. 

The woman opened up about how she fell in loveCredit: TikTok/@marisamariexo

Marisa, who filmed herself opening up about her experience on her TikTok account @marisamariexo, then shared how he left prison and they fell head over heels. 

Teasing the details of the story in one of her social media posts, Marisa asked: “Want a story time?”

She then went on to lift the lid on their unlikely meet cute, and how things developed. 

The social media user explained: “I met my husband while he was in jail, I was working as his caseworker.

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“I was 24, he was 17 when we met. I sent him to jail for almost a year. 

“He got out and the rest is history. 5 years later, we’re happily married.” 

She added in another video that after he left prison and went on to his placement, the pair stayed in touch and began to develop feelings for one another.

Marisa, who was married to her first husband at the time, then said: “We fell in love, I divorced, sold my house and began a new life.”

Now, Marisa, who said she now works as a salon worker, is expecting the couple’s first child.

After revealing the happy news on her TikTok page in a string of dance videos, Marisa said she was due in early December.

She wrote: “My birthday is December 9th and baby will be so close to coming on my bday.” 

She’s also previously hit back at people who have pointed out the age gap in their relationship.

In a video, Marisa said she had heard comments such as, “You must be sick if you’d ever date someone 8 years younger than you.”

But showing that she is unbothered by her critics, Marisa replied: “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

She explained how they had started a relationship after he left jail

She explained how they had started a relationship after he left jailCredit: TikTok/@marisamariexo

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