Like persons, our democracy can only consider so a lot

Joan Vennochi acquired it proper in her column “There’s no base for how reduced Republicans will allow Trump go” (Viewpoint, Nov. 19). Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump’s selfish and misguided refusal to settle for the election final results are assisting to demolish faith in our democracy. In their hurry for electricity, they are keen to degrade a person of the foundations of our society, no cost and truthful elections. What they forget is that, like people today, our democracy has a limited capacity to heal. If we attack democracy much too substantially and way too frequently, it will wither and die.

My father is 1 of the far more than 250,000 persons in the United States who have died from COVID-19 an infection. He obtained esophageal cancer 20 a long time back, but as a result of a difficult operation he was capable to get better, typically. He started off getting modest strokes 10 several years back, and every time, he labored tough at rehabilitation. He succeeded but generally dropped a minimal much more neurological perform, which manufactured it really hard for him to walk in the earlier few of yrs. Then last month, he obtained COVID-19. At initially, it appeared like he could get well, but the virus was the final straw for his weakened human body, and he died this thirty day period.

The exact destiny awaits The usa unless we can restore trust in honesty and integrity, which we have uncovered our democracy relies upon on. Trump and his cronies either really don’t treatment about these values or have overlooked them. Their actions is un-American.

Eric Pierce