Personal Injury Cases And Compensatory Damages

Nashville Car Accident Injury Lawyers Explain Damages

In most situations, damages that appear in personal injury cases are listed as being compensatory. This means that there is a value in compensating the plaintiff for all the losses that appeared during the accident. Compensatory damages awards aim to financially support the plaintiff. 

Mike Morse Law Firm highlights that all this basically means that a dollar figure is put on the accident’s consequences. Some of the compensatory damages are very easy to quantify, like property damage or medical bills. What is very difficult is to place this monetary value on the effect of physical limitations, suffering, and pain (usually due to the lingering injuries). 

In personal injury cases, the most common compensatory damages are the following. 

Medical Treatment

In almost all cases, personal injury damages include medical care costs associated with the incident. This does include being reimbursed for absolutely all received treatments and a compensation meant to cover medical care in the future (this is estimated). Whenever serious medical treatment is necessary following a car accident, medical experts are taken into account to determine the value of the compensation.

Property Losses

Whenever you had clothes, vehicles, or literally any other items damaged because of the car accident. The settlement needs to include money to cover repairs or the property’s market value, as long as it is fairly assessed. 


It is possible that you are entitled to receive compensation for the impact the accident had on your wages and salary. This is besides the income you lost since what you would have received in the future is also covered. Damages are awarded included future income, which is listed as “loss of earning”. 

Pain And Suffering

In many personal injury cases, you have the right to receive compensation for serious discomfort and pain suffered during a car accident and also in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Also, ongoing pain linked to the accident is also analyzed to determine fair financial compensation. 

Emotional Distress

This is usually something that you see in really serious accidents and it practically means emotional distress damages. The money is meant to give compensation for personal injury plaintiffs when dealing with an injury’s psychological impact. This does include anxiety, sleep loss, and fear. In some states, emotional distress is seen as a part of the pain and suffering compensation awarded to the plaintiff. 

Enjoyment Loss

When the accident led to injuries that are keeping you from enjoying normal day-to-day pursuits, you might receive this type of damage. This includes pursuits like exercise, hobbies, and basically any important recreational activity. 

Loss Of Consortium

This is a type of financial compensation in personal injury cases that few people understand or know about. The money is connected to the impact the injuries have on the relationships of the plaintiff with the spouse. 

For instance, when one’s ability to maintain sexual relationships is affected by the accident, loss of consortium damages are offered. There are even states in which the impact on a relationship between the child and parent is taken into account when determining damages.