Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, 84 Newbury St, Peabody, MA 01960, USA

Jason Stone Injury Lawyers is that type of law firm that stands out from the rest, as they prioritize the success and well-being of their clients. They have a great team of lawyers with experiences in different types of subjects.

With car accidents so common, the team of attorneys at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers have experience and knowledge to spare in these types of accidents. And they have managed to obtain the best and fair compensation for their clients.

Why is legal representation necessary?

An injury that is caused in a car accident can be traumatic and fatal, in addition to contacting a representative of the insurance company, which could put the victim in a state of unnecessary stress.

Most of the people who are strangers to this type of world, lack the legal experience to fight for an adequate compensation that as a victim is deserved, they can even accept a minimum compensation of what the case is really worth. On any occasion, the victim must always have access to a lawyer, and at Jason Stone Injury Lawyers they have an experienced team in the matter.

The attorneys at Jason Stone will fiercely and securely represent the interests of the victim, whatever they may be. They will make any required deals with the insurance companies to get the best deal. If they fail to reach a reasonable negotiation, they will not hesitate to go to court and present their client’s case.

Compensations that a victim of this type of accident can obtain by having the support of the Jason Stone Law firm

The team of attorneys that make up Jason Stone Injury Lawyers are committed to being there for their clients and helping them obtain the highest possible compensation to cover the injuries obtained in the accident. They will decisively seek compensation in the following expenses: 

  • Recovery of all medical expenses incurred. This will include travel in an ambulance if necessary, hospital stay, surgeries performed, medications, as well as the cost of an assistive mobility device. If necessary, the claim will include any future expenses that are caused by recoveries from injuries caused in the accident.
  • Loss of any salary entry. Because of the injuries, there may be a possibility that the victim will find it impossible or difficult to support himself and his family. They have seen cases where the injuries become so severe that it is impossible for them to return to work. At Jason Stone Injury Lawyers, your team will consider any possibility and will achieve future compensation if necessary.
  • Property Damage. The victim may opt for compensation for the repair or replacement of the vehicle and / or any personal property that was affected in the accident. An injury attorney Natick MA will make sure all property damages are calculated. 
  • Pain and physical as well as emotional suffering. The lawyer may request compensation for the physical and emotional trauma that the victim suffered in and after the accident.
  • Wrongful death. It is a type of claim filed by the surviving victim of the accident, this tends to be made by a spouse, children or any other family member, against the party that caused the accident. These family members can opt for compensation that covers medical bills, funeral costs, or loss of income and benefits.
  • Punitive damages. This will be considered to punish the responsible and reckless party in an effort to avoid any future negligence.