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If you want a dog that fits in well with your family and routine, you must think carefully about its temperament. You should make several considerations before bringing home a Dogo Argentino.

How Aggressive Are Dogo Argentinos?

You probably want to know whether Dogo Argentino dogs are aggressive before taking one into your home. Also, these canines are big and powerful. But how would you describe their normal demeanour? Is it safe to assume they are dangerous because of their appearance? In any case, here is all that you need to know.

The question then arises, “Are Dogo Argentinos aggressive?” Even though they are not inherently dangerous to humans, Dogo Argentino dogs are often regarded as among the most aggressive breeds. These canines were developed specifically to hunt wild boar & puma. A lack of training and socialising makes them hazardous, especially around other animals.

In all likelihood, this is not the result you were hoping for. It’s not entirely unexpected, but it’s also not a huge shock. At least, assuming you’re already familiar with the kind. Of course, there is more to the story than I’ve outlined above. If you’d like to learn more about the breed’s temperament, including the situations in which violence is most likely to occur and, more importantly, how to avoid it, then keep reading!


Training is essential for your Dogo Argentino puppy if you buy one. Getting your dog into a regular feeding schedule is as important as teaching it to use the outside for bathroom breaks. But that’s not the end of the training.

If you want your dog to be friendly to you, your family, and other people, you’ll have to teach him to control his aggression. This education may last a lifetime. With this method, you may prevent your dog from being aggressive in the future.

Need For Activity

They need work because they thrive on activity and purpose. You and your Dogo may go on runs together or hunts together.

Dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation or they get bored and destructive.


An experienced dog parent who can be a constant and caring but strong leader is essential for your Dogo, who will understand what he wants. Because of their intelligence, these dogs aren’t recommended for those who have never had a dog.

Get Them Moving

In addition to exposure training, your dog will benefit from regular playtime. Apartment dwellers and those without sizable yards should avoid this breed. A dog park is great for your pet, but they still require daily exercise. Regular walks will benefit your Dogo Argentino in two ways: physically and mentally. Ensure the dog doesn’t get violent whenever you pass a neighbour on a stroll. Then, show your dog some love and a treat.

Investing time in obedience and agility training may also help you spend quality time with your dog while providing the benefits of a more active lifestyle. A well-trained dog is less aggressive, and obedience training may help you achieve that goal. You and your dog’s physical exercise may be met via agility training.

When Getting a Dogo Argentino, Take These Precautions to Ensure Everyone’s Safety

When deciding whether or not to adopt a Dogo Argentino, there are several factors beyond training to think about. Remember to think about your and your loved ones’ safety. Dogo Argentinos are wonderful companions, but you should always be ready for the worst.

Always Keep an Eye Out

Always keep an eye on your new puppy, even when it’s only a little one. It will allow you to take corrective action if a Dogo Argentino becomes aggressive.

Keep a close eye on your dog if he’s around youngsters or other tiny animals. You should especially keep an eye on the dog if it’s going to be among children, but you should also consider doing so if it’s with people. Before you know the dog will be quiet when left alone, it’s not safe to leave them alone.

Do Not Adopt Adult Dogo Argentinos

Look for a puppy or a young adult dogo argentino if you want the highest chance of having a social dog. Some grownups may be fine, but you have no idea what their training background is. Ask about the previous owners and pets the adult Dogo Argentino has been around before bringing it home.

Think about what is best for your family, and don’t be hesitant to pass on an unqualified adult. A puppy allows you to shape your dog’s behaviour in any way you see fit. The dog will feel more at ease if it is introduced to your daily routine early.


They tend to be more combative than other dog breeds. Moreover, the odds are rising under these conditions once again. However, it does not always exclude you from ever buying one. And although they could not be the best fit for every household, they may be wonderful friends for those who are open to the idea. But they need proper care and attention during the training and socialising process.

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