Amanda Huber Thanks AEW’s Chief Legal Officer For Her Help

Brodie Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber, once again took to her Instagram account on Sunday to comment on the passing of her husband, Brodie Lee. She went on to thank AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh and the rest of the AEW roster for helping her family.

Huber said that she initially didn’t want to accept help from anyone, especially those in the wrestling because she didn’t trust them. She said that Parekh and AEW Legal Coordinator Margaret Stalvey stepped in and credits them for being able to get Lee to the Mayo Clinic.

You can read her post below:

“Ok guys, I swear my IG isn’t always so sappy but I needed to have this said. I’ve typed this out and deleted it a few times because the words aren’t there, but here goes.

This is a @meghalegalgirl10 appreciation post.

When Jon started getting sick, I wanted no help. Especially from anyone in or around wrestling. I didn’t trust them to protect our privacy or help without expectations. Then @meghalegalgirl10 & @margaret.stalvey (who is another one Who deserves a whole appreciation post) swooped into my life. Megha is actually the reason we had a fighting chance & were able to transfer to the @mayoclinic

On Saturday October 31st Megha made phone calls and made the transfer happen. I thought my whole world was collapsing around me and she held up the walls. I had never met her or even heard of her up to that point. She helped in any way possible.

She was the first person I broke down in front of when all of this happened. I’m not a big cryer, it’s just never been who I am. Something about Megha makes me feel safe. It was a simple hug and I lost it. It’s been a running joke that she’s an emotional weighted blanket.

I spent Thanksgiving with her, so I didn’t have to have dinner alone in my hotel. We sat on the beach and talked about things that weren’t my sick husband. We ate sushi for dinner and I cried some more.

What’s most incredible is the way she has come thru for my family, particularly Brodie. She took the absolute worst week of his life and created a safe space for him. She let him have sleepovers and made it a super fun place. I am a *very* protective mom and when things got terrible I wanted my kids by my side 24-7. I didn’t tho. Brodie asked to be with Megha, he felt safe. With zero hesitation, I let him be with her and I felt safer for it too. I knew nobody would be as protective of him as Megha.

I always tell her she’s the coolest person I’ve ever met and she always rolls her eyes. She is highly educated but also has a deep emotional intelligence. She has this Goliath inner strength but there’s a softness there too. She’s everything I want to be as a person. Plus she’s an amazing guitar player.

She’s a diamond in a world of rhinestones”