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Natural Law Party

With the goal of “bringing the mild of science into politics,” the Purely natural Law Social gathering emerged on the political scene in 1992. Its agenda emphasizes the have to have for “avoidance-oriented governing administration” and the party cites scientific proof to buttress its views. 5 a long time later on, the get together extends across the region and operates candidates in nearby, state, and national elections.

The All-natural Law Party’s platform advocates a federal government that embraces the principle of “all-natural regulation.” Supporters think that the only way to resolve modern challenges and efficiently operate authorities is by employing the procedures of all-natural law and enacting “avoidance-oriented” options that are price tag-powerful and conflict-cost-free. The occasion champions well being care plans that are aimed at protecting against ailment and health issues, pure agriculture practices that do not use pesticides, the reduction of distinctive pursuits in federal government, crime-avoidance programs, and education initiatives that concentrate on bringing the interior genius out of each pupil.


The Organic Regulation Celebration ran additional than 400 candidates in 48 states across the nation in the 1996 elections. This includes candidates for Congress, state legislatures and regional workplaces. Collectively, they gained additional than two million votes, a considerable boost in the party’s showing in 1992 and 1994.

John Hagelin was the All-natural Law Party’s applicant for president in 1996 and 1992. Hagelin is a quantum physicist and university professor. He spent two yrs on Capitol Hill concerning the two elections, exactly where he advocated legislation to fund prevention-oriented wellness care packages. In the 1996 election Hagelin gained 110,194 votes and was on the ballot in 48 states.

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