5 Reasons You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer To Represent You

If you are suffering from any damages due to a truck accident, you can ask for compensation for all the damages. But, demanding compensation on your own can be challenging. However, a truck accident lawyer can be of great help in this matter. 

  1. Find all the liable parties 

Unlike car accidents, along with the other driver, the truck maintenance company, the shipping company, and other government entities can be held liable. It is not expected of you to know all the parties that could be liable. The deadline for pursuing a legal claim can expire if you overlook one party, and you will not be able to claim compensation from them. A truck accident lawyer can discover all the parties who are possibly liable.

  • Provide suitable legal strategies 

You may not determine the best legal strategy to prepare your case on your own. Besides court, issues can also be resolved by negotiating with insurance companies or through an arbitration process. An experienced lawyer is aware of all the different options and can plan the best strategy for your case. A professional lawyer analyses your case, locates the actual evidence and witnesses, and produces the best possible legal action to help you get your deserved compensation. 

  • Handle complicated negotiations 

Handling multiple negotiations at the same time with all the liable parties is a difficult task. Seeking the help of a skilled attorney with the experience of managing various insurers can help you obtain all your entitled compensations and maximize the value of your case. 

  • Navigate the unique rules and regulations set by the trucking industry 

Trucking companies and drivers are expected to follow a set of unique rules and regulations. Such rules cover all factors like working hours, rest time, weight limits according to the vehicle, and much more. With the understanding of these rules and regulations, a lawyer can uncover such violations in your favour. 

  • Protect your rights and fight for non-economic damages  

Often insurance companies offer to pay all your medical expenses due to the accident in return for settlement. You are advised not to do so. Even if the medical bills are enormous, your losses due to the accident are much more significant than that. Filing a lawsuit might recover all the damages for your income when you were not able to work after the accident. Moreover, if you are still unable to work by the time your case settles, you are entitled to compensations for future lost income as well. If you are left permanently disabled, you will receive compensation that will support your family.  


You should always hire experienced truck accident lawyers  at The Law Office Of Matthew Shrum if you have been injured in a truck accident. Having a lawyer can help you get through the complicated legal process efficiently. In addition, such lawyers have the best experience in understanding the case and settling it in your favour. Besides helping in settling the case, they also take away much of the mental stress.