August 1, 2021


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West Africa: Political Hotfire – Ought to ECOWAS Courtroom Lawful Jurisprudence Override the Liberian’s Justice System?

The Financial Community of West African States was born in 1975 by 15 African nations, commonly referred to as ECOWAS. In 1975 an ECOWAS Treaty provided a mandate for the institution of a Group Court of Justice (CCJ) to adjudicate disputes related to the interpretation and operation of Human Legal rights violations. The CCJ was formally launched in 1991 and turned operational in December 2000. The CCJ has seven judges, every serving a five-calendar year term. No two judges can be nationals of the very same state. The CCJ is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

West Africa has expert a series of conflicts and judicial killings setting up with Nigeria the headquarters of the CCJ wherever Boko Haram operates above the Justice method of CCJ. Most of the states like Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, etc. have noticed civil wars as well as ethnic and spiritual clashes main to the fatalities of thousands and thousands of harmless citizens. What has the CCJ never about that? Corruption and lousy governance have ravaged ECOWAS nations around the world, leading to the loss of life of enormous harmless folks which is also aspect of CCJ’s Human Rights troubles, what has CCJ finished about that?

Col. Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was captured and killed by previous President Obama’s government and the European Union, Oct 20, 2011, which is also component of the gross Human Rights abuses, what did the CCJ do about that? There are doubts around the CCJ’s definition of Human Rights and its selective in ECOWAS. The Jen’nah scenario looks to be a particular curiosity case that is unparalleled by any lawful expectations.

The essential lawful main of the responsibilities and obligations of the CCJ is definitively to delve into human legal rights violations in ECOWAS countries. This dream is yet to be fulfilled. For example, Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist team working beneath the nose of the CCJ has continued to massacre hundreds and hundreds of Nigerians and non-Nigerians what is the CCJ accomplishing about these types of human rights’ grave violation? The killing of over 150000-innocent Liberians in its then 16-many years civil wars what did CCJ do about that and the Jen’nah LURD rebel movement contributed to these deaths, did the CCJ request the former Affiliate Justice about that?

The killing of hundreds and hundreds of demonstrators in Guinea by the Guinean Authorities what did CCJ do about that? There is a developing judicial killing of innocent citizens in West Africa by West African leaders in which is the CCJ on that? Nonetheless, the CCJ is deeply troubled over the impeachment of former Supreme Court docket Affiliate Justice Jan’neh’s impeachment circumstance.

What is ironic is the actuality that the CCJ has had sleepless right away duties seeking into an impeached Affiliate Supreme Court docket Justice Jan’neh case who cried foul above his impeachment and filed a lawsuit to the CCJ through his Counsel Femi Falana for miscarriage of justice in his impeachment demo in which he is claiming an amount not less than 20-5 million United States Dollars US$25,000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million United States Dollars) as compensation and an Order directing the Republic of Liberia to restore Mr. Jan’neh’s as Associate Justice of the Supreme Courtroom of Liberia!.

CCJ need to start to operate inside of its authorized confines relatively than interferes in the interior affairs of the Liberian govt. The impeachment of KabinehJan’neh, who was once a former spokesperson of a rebel movement, LURD was performed beneath very clear and clear authorized direction. His impeachment was opened to the typical general public and all legal proceedings were confident. The CCJ must master how to respect lawful conclusions manufactured by a duly constituted federal government of Liberia.