Vote “No” to the UFCW-backed union at Alabama Amazon facility! Construct rank-and-file committees to protect worker legal rights

The Countrywide Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has given the go-ahead to the union recognition vote at the Amazon success heart in Bessemer, Alabama, just outdoors of Birmingham. Staff are expected to vote February 8 on no matter if to certify the Retail, Wholesale and Section Retailer Union (RWDSU), which is affiliated with the United Food and Professional Employees (UFCW) union, as their formal bargaining agent.

Operating circumstances at BHM1, like Amazon warehouses all-around the environment, are exploitative and hazardous. Sara Marie Thrasher, who worked as a “stower” in the facility prior to finding fired, explained to The American Prospect, “They get the job done you to death. It is crowded. In some cases you cannot even find a station. We would get reprimanded if our stowing time was over 20 seconds or better, with charges needing to be done in 8 seconds for every item.” An additional employee Bryon additional, “It was almost established up like a sweatshop.”

Workers urgently need corporation and management to struggle for their rights from the transnational retail giant. But they are unable to advance their struggle from Amazon by voting in the RWDSU or any other trade union. Considerably from “representing” personnel, the unions operate as bureaucratic instruments of corporate administration, suppressing democratic dialogue among personnel and their strivings to increase working disorders and dwelling standards, and safeguarding the financial gain pursuits of the companies.

Because of this, the Global Amazon Staff Voice (IAWV) phone calls on BHM1 employees to cast a “no” vote in the approaching certification election. Alternatively, workers should kind a rank-and-file committee, democratically managed by staff themselves, to battle towards speedup, poverty wages and management abuse. BHM1 personnel ought to link up with Amazon workers to create equivalent committees all through the US and internationally, and to unite with personnel throughout all industries and expert services to fight the dictatorship that billionaires like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos impose in their workplaces and around culture as whole.

Do the RWDSU and UFCW defend staff?

As of December 18, over 50,000 meatpacking employees contracted COVID-19 and 262 have died, in accordance to the Food and Ecosystem Reporting Network. A December report by the US Section of Agriculture discovered that meatpacking counties experienced COVID-19 infections 10 moments the price of other rural counties.

The RWDSU and the UFCW, which have a major existence in the meatpacking industry, bear a direct obligation for these catastrophic disorders. Once more and once again, they have intervened on behalf of the organizations to continue to keep production managing amid mass bacterial infections and deaths.

Very last July, UFCW Nearby 7 intervened to shut down a wildcat strike at the JBS beef plant in Greeley, Colorado. At the Tyson pork plant in Waterloo, Iowa, the place management took bets on how many staff would turn out to be infected, the UFCW even collaborated with these exact managers to operate out bonus pay back for best attendance. More than 1,000 workers turned infected at this one facility and 5 have died.

“I really feel like [union dues are] a waste of income,” a person employee told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. ” the points that they need to do, it’s like they never want to do.” Officers from UFCW 431 dismissed dozens of inquiries by the paper’s reporters.

Sheila, a meatpacking employee at a Tyson facility in Tennessee, explained to the Entire world Socialist World-wide-web Web site how the RWDSU functioned, not as a democratic corporation of workers, but a bureaucratic device of administration. There’s a “Safety Committee” within the plant built up of a team of staff, she claimed, these “union reps” have been not selected by rank-and-file personnel but “by the flooring supervisors. One from each individual division,” she explained.