Western elites have a death wish. They are apparently determined to do the deed. Just as the most hopeless human who sees no possible future for him or herself. The only question at this point in time is which weapon or poison to use to get it over with.

In the case of the elites of the collective West there have been an almost endless array of weapons with which to off themselves. Western minds have been busy working out the exact methodologies with which to destroy their economies. These have been social, financial, political and economic and they have scraped the bottom of every barrel to get to them. They are all gone now it seems… save one.

By putting a cap on Russian oil and blocking the sale of oil via a third party they may well have found the silver bullet that will deliver itself through their thick, collective economic cranium and administer the final coup de grâce that finally does for them. But what of the collateral damage?

Do these leaders care at all what happens to those they are politically charged to care for? Do they spare any of their time obsessed with their suicidal policies to think of them at all. What happens when the blowback reaches chain-reaction status and wave after wave of toxic price rises blow just about everybody’s house down? Where will the culprits be? In some bunker giving Sieg Heil salutes a la Adolf?

Obsession can be a helluva destructive thing. When you feel mortally slighted by someone and are rabidly focused on getting your own back by any manner of means it can lead you into massively adding to that sore nose or hurt pride. You can easily end up flat on your back. There are times to realise when you are better off getting over it and turning your attention to other things instead. Unless you are seeking suicide that is. Then go on standing in front of the guy who harmed you and give him what you think is a hard punch to the belly. The likelihood is that he hardly feels it. And then you find yourself on the sidewalk with a bloody nose and reeling head (at best).

Biden is a man obsessed with harming Russia due to his pet project (in which he has so much invested) being given a body blow after attempting to arrange a hit on Russia’s relatives. His anger overlooks the reasons behind Russia’s actions, to them he is totally blind. The red mist is permanently down over his eyes and those of all his western gang. ‘Get Russia’ is all that permeates their raging bull brains night and day. They can think of nothing else. And this blindness, this absolute myopia, is not conducive to acting wisely. Insight is reduced to almost nil. Tactical nous also. All that’s left to these bozos is a permanently bad temper and irrational rage that they feed to greater heights each day that dawns.

Collectively they are an accident waiting to happen and in fact they are regular ‘guests’ in the emergency units of their capital cities. Black eyes, multiple bruises, broken legs, concussion… almost every medical condition caused by blunt instruments and hard, well-trained fists have not taught them the required lesson yet. Still they go back for further beatings. Time and time again they are left sprawling on the sidewalk. Gluttons for punishment, almost masochistic in their seeming need to be bludgeoned to near death.

The final straw to break the backs of these bloodthirsty camels may well be the oil price cap scheme that they have decided upon. If enacted, Russia will certainly cut off the oil these nations require so that the gears of their industries continue to run rather than grind down to useless hunks of metal. It truly appears that these punch-drunk losers don’t know when to quit. Perhaps they just want to see their economies die and just have it over with. They can turn around and say, “Well, we did our best!”

What will be the reaction of those they reduced to penury in the process?

Perhaps to see about getting these wannabe, kamikaze, braindead bozos their suicidal wish?

“Does France have any of those guillotine things left lyin’ around, d’you think?”


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