The English PROPHECY US DESTINY: The famous medium predicted the outcome of the match Serbia


Chris Sutton, the former English goal scorer and Premier League champion, was in the role of analyst, and the former Chelsea footballer predicted that the Serbian national team would pass the group. He believes in the victory of the Eagles in the decisive game against Switzerland (Friday, 20:00), with a score of 2:1.


–  Switzerland was better when these teams met four years ago at the World Cup in Russia, but this time Serbia needs a win to advance and I think they will win. Statman Dave predicted that Serbia could be a surprise in Qatar, and he knows football. There’s no way he’ll get this wrong – but if he does, I’ll lose some faith in him – wrote Chris Sutton in the commentary for the match between Serbia and Switzerland.

When it comes to the remaining matches, Sutton, for example, predicted that the Croatian national team will pass the group, which he believes will beat Belgium in the last round, with a score of 3:1, with the remark that he agrees with Kevin de Bruyne, who was self-critical. and said that the Red Devils have too old a team to make a good result in Qatar.


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