On this Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks to God, household, good friends, initially responders for COVID-19 patients, the brave gentlemen and girls at the FBI for maintaining our country safe and sound, and previous but not least democracy.

The word “democracy” originated from the Greek phrase “dēmokratia” (well known authorities) by combining “dēmos (common people, district) and “kratos” (rule, toughness).

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Led by Cleisthenes in 508–507 BC, Athenians founded the initially recognized democracy in the earth, proclaiming equal rights for all citizens (however only adult men have been citizens at that time).

After Cleisthenes arrived Socrates, who was the to start with ethical thinker and a founding father of Western philosophy. In 339 BC, Socrates was sentenced to loss of life by a democratic jury of 501 regular citizens of “good standing.” He had a selection to both settle for the verdict or escape Athens with the enable of his allies. He selected loss of life by poison. Socrates sacrificed himself for the sake of democracy even although it was imperfect.

Numerous persons have taken democracy for granted. America’s founding father John Adams served as the 1st U.S. Vice President and the next U.S. President. He gave a stern warning in 1814 that “Remember Democracy hardly ever lasts extensive. It shortly wastes exhausts and murders itself. … It is in vain to Say that Democracy is significantly less vain, significantly less proud, significantly less selfish, a lot less formidable or less avaricious than Aristocracy or Monarchy. … Those people Passions are the very same in all Gentlemen less than all types of Simple Governing administration, and when unchecked, create the exact same Results of Fraud Violence and Cruelty.”

Indeed, democracy can breed tyranny if the check and balances of the a few branches of governing administration – legislative, executive, and judicial – are broken. We are in dire will need of a Constitutional Oversight Committee that can sound the alarm in advance of it really is much too late.

American thinker John Dewey introduced the phrase “social endosmosis” in 1916 to describe an best democracy in which a modern society is not divided into a privileged and a matter-class. And President Barack Obama mentioned at the Financial Club of Chicago in December 2017, “You have to have a tendency to this yard of democracy, otherwise matters can fall aside fairly rapidly.”

How ought to we go about shielding and perfecting democracy? Plato explained to us that “States are as the adult men are they mature out of human characters.” As a result, the respond to lies in the Transhumanist Movement:

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