Popular Myths about Criminal Defense Attorneys, Debunked!


Lawyers, especially criminal defense lawyers, appear rather mysterious to ordinary folk.

It’s the profession that keeps them busy with highly sensitive matters, and sometimes with dangerous ones too. Surrounded by suspicion and speculation, a criminal defense attorney’s reputation may not always get the clean chit.

Today, let’s put the rumors aside and debunk some myths that are associated with this profession. We’re sure you’d find some interesting information here!

  1. You’ll Get the First Consultation for Free

Anyone who has never dealt with legal matters before assumes that their first meeting with a lawyer won’t be charged. But that’s a myth!

Clients have to always pay for a consultation with any lawyer, just like they would pay for a doctor’s consultation or a visit to the dentist. And usually, they have to pay the fee in advance.

Even if you’re not satisfied after the consultation and decide to hire another lawyer, you’ll have to pay the fees for the time the lawyer has given to hear your case.

  1. A Public Defender Could Handle Criminal Defense Matters Just as Well

Some people believe that the roles of a public defender and a criminal defense attorney are interchangeable. And they might advise you to take your case to a public defender instead, because of course, public defenders take up matters for free.

While it’s true that public defenders do handle criminal defense cases, they’re not the best substitutes for criminal defense attorneys. You’ll find that most public defenders are handling a lot of cases at any given time, and are not able to give much time to any of them.

Besides, public defenders are on the government payroll and their practice is pretty much unaffected by the outcome of the cases they handle. So they may not be very motivated to defend your case so well.

  1. Experience Has Nothing To Do With a Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Expertise

Every great defense lawyer must have been an amateur when they started. This might lead people to believe that it’s alright to try a less experienced criminal defense lawyer with a great resume instead of hiring a highly proficient and experienced lawyer.

It’s a misconception that experience isn’t a big deal.

The more experienced a criminal defense lawyer is the more skilled and capable he would be. He would handle complex matters and charges with a lot more confidence and can also consult the clients regarding critical issues like pleading guilty and applying for bail.

  1. Experience is All that Counts

While it’s outright foolish to hire an inexperienced defense attorney, one doesn’t need to rally for only the big names every time.

Besides the attorney’s experience, his approachability is also a critical factor for the success of your case. For instance, if a criminal trial is underway in Murfreesboro and the accused needs to file for bail urgently, it makes perfect sense to hire a good criminal defense attorney in Murfreesboro instead of looking for a lawyer from a different state.

  1. They Meet Their Clients Directly in Court

Most people are in awe of highly successful criminal defense attorneys. They assume that such savvy lawyers are too busy to give a personal consultation, and mostly their clients are dealt with by other associates in the law firm.

This idea is absolutely misconstrued.

The best criminal defense lawyers always meet their clients one-on-one to understand the case. It’s not true that they’ll only see the client on the day of the trial. Although they have a team of associates to assist them in the process, they always personally handle the cases from the very beginning.

  1. They Charge Exorbitant Amounts

There are many false beliefs about lawyer’s fees. The most common one is that lawyers charge unreasonable fees for defending criminal matters.

A criminal defense lawyer’s fee may seem too high for a client’s liking, or the client might find it unaffordable. That doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable.

Lawyers not only make a living out of their fees but also bear the costs of running a firm, paying salaries of well-qualified legal associates and offering the best and the most professional services.

  1. Proving Their Client’s Innocence is Their Sole Aim

Usually, the victim wins the soft corner of our hearts. Sometimes this may lead people to believe that criminal defense lawyers are unfair to the victims’ plight and only want to defend their clients.

But this is hardly the case.

Reputable criminal defense lawyers are very professional and give great regard to etiquette. They handle sensitive matters with utmost care. Although their client’s interests are their focus, they don’t favor offenders over the victims.

  1. Those Who Plead Guilty Don’t Need a Defense Lawyer

When someone wants to plead guilty before the court, he or she may be going through major emotional turmoil. The person may be so overcome with guilt so as to be unable to make the right decision for themselves.

In this situation, the popular myth that there’s no need to defend your case if you’re pleading guilty can prove disastrous.

Even if a person pleads guilty, a defense lawyer can handle the plea bargain much better and may also convince the court to award a lesser punishment.

  1. The Best Lawyers Get Paid the Highest Fees

You might have been told: When in doubt go for the most expensive lawyer.

Nothing could be more misleading than this piece of advice!

You can’t judge a lawyer’s potential by the fees he charges. It may be that the popular criminal defense lawyer in your locality is also the highest-paid one, but he doesn’t need to be the best lawyer for your case.

There are many things to consider besides the lawyer’s fees and his popularity. The lawyer should be passionate about handling your case and fighting for the justice you deserve.

  1. They Are Friends With Criminals and the Mafia

Another false notion surrounding criminal defense lawyers is that since they’re defending the accused in criminal cases, they must have strong connections with the underworld.

Of course, that’s a ridiculous idea!

A criminal defense lawyer’s relationship with the client is purely professional. And unlike what’s shown in the movies, criminal defense lawyers don’t support illegal activists and criminals.


While it’s easy to fall for gossip, it’s always better to get the facts checked. Especially, if you or someone you know has been accused of a crime and looking for a good lawyer to defend the case.

So stop believing any information without verifying it and get over these myths… ASAP!

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