Oregon Zoo mourns demise of beloved orangutan Inji, believed to be oldest in the entire world

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Zoo is mourning the decline of a beloved resident, Sumatran orangutan Inji, who at 61-decades-aged is considered to be the oldest orangutan in the globe.

“We understood she could not dwell for good, but this truly hurts, and I know numerous visitors are grieving along with us,” said Bob Lee, who oversees the zoo’s animal regions. “Inji’s means to join with individuals was unbelievable. She encouraged generations.”

In the wild, orangutans seldom reside earlier the age of 40. Zookeepers say Inji experienced been significantly slowing down over the past quite a few decades.

Around the past numerous weeks, zookeepers say she hardly ever left her nest box and was no longer intrigued in food items. They manufactured the difficult selection to euthanize her on Saturday when it was apparent that ache treatment was no for a longer period assisting.

Inji arrived at the Oregon Zoo on Jan. 30, 1961. Her owner mentioned she was all-around a yr aged. Her owner purchased her although wild animal trade which was legal at the time.

All three orangutan species are regarded critically endangered, with less than 800 Tapanuli, 15,000 Sumatran and 55,000 Bornean orangutans thought to continue to be.

Zookeeper team approach to honor Inji at the opening of the Primate Forest, the Oregon Zoo’s new habitat for chimpanzees and orangutans which is established to open this spring.

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