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Ligalis is a Malaysia-based cloud legal practice management software startup founded by Farid Nor. In this interview with Asia Law Portal, Nor explains what inspired him to found the company, how Ligalis helps lawyers, and his plans for the future.

What is Ligalis and how can it help lawyers?

Ligalis helps lawyers to adopt automation in their practice at affordable rates. We plan to market Ligalis with a few subscription plans that definitely won’t break the lawyers’ piggy bank.

What inspired the founding of Ligalis?

Legal practice management software in the market is freaking expensive. Law firms, just like any other small business, are thrifty. Especially when it comes to Asia business community. We want to provide alternatives to the lawyers that want to move into the cloud but are really price conscious. We also want to solve problems from the client side by providing client portal for clients to interact with their lawyers and getting updates or statuses almost in real time manner.

What is your background in law and legal innovation?

No, we don’t. We just stumbled with this great challenge, and we are excited to make this software accessible to all lawyers.

How can lawyers work with Ligalis?

We are more than happy to talk to any lawyers, trying to understand their psyche when it comes to managing their law service. We like to see them as partners rather than just being our users. We like to co-create with lawyers so whatever we build here at Ligalis, can serve a greater purpose for the lawyers globally.

There are many areas where we could work with them. But mainly we want to know what their highest priority is when it comes to automation in their office and in their business. Tackling that first would definitely help to boost market acceptance for Ligalis.

What are your plans for the future of Ligalis?

We want to bring Ligalis to the North America market. That’s where the real challenge would be. We also want to make it easier for our potential users to switch from their existing and expensive legal practice management software to us.

What is your website and social media?

You can visit our website, and we have our twitter handle: @myligalis

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