Madison Cawthorn’s farewell warns against becoming a ‘soft metrosexual’ and social media


Outgoing US Congressperson Madison Cawthorn issued a farewell address on the floor of Congress wherein he decried all sorts of stuff and babbled about strength. Cawthorn was an awful clown of a super-Trump supporter who lost his North Carolina primary, failing at state politics and misplaying district hopscotch.

Raw Story:

Cawthorn, who became the target of House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) ire after he baselessly claimed that his GOP colleagues took part in drug-fueled orgies, used his final address to decry the purported scourge of feminization in the United States.

“Our young men are taught that weakness is strength, that delicacy is desirable, and that being a soft metrosexual is more valuable than training the mind, body, and soul!” he declared. “Social media has weakened us, siphoning our men of their will to fight!”

Image: screen grab

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