Letters: Republicans functioning to destabilize democracy Place an stop to election fraud nonsense

Republicans performing to destabilize democracy

At the moment, there are a huge range of difficulties dividing our place, separating the Democrats and Republicans like never ever prior to. On the other hand, 1 overriding issue unites us — our like and loyalty for democracy.

When People went to war in our many global conflicts, we had been not combating for Democratic or Republican concerns, but for the proper to manage a absolutely free democratic culture.

What helps make us a democracy?

The United States is a consultant democracy, “of the people today, by the persons and for the men and women.” This suggests that our citizens vote for our government officials, who then signify the citizens’ ideals and problems. The Constitution and its amendments offers our citizens, age 18 and older, the appropriate to vote.

Without the need of any proof of fraud, as confirmed by the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Safety Agency, and the U.S. Legal professional Basic, Texas submitted a match with the U.S. Supreme Courtroom to throw out valid votes in four states, together with Pennsylvania. 126 Republican associates of the U.S. Dwelling of Reps signed on to this transient, which include 7 from Pennsylvania. I am humiliated to say that my possess community Agent, Glenn “GT” Thompson, signed to throw out our legitimate votes.

This match was attempting to disenfranchise voters in 4 states of our constitutional proper as citizens to vote in a presidential election. They are making an attempt to destabilize the basic foundation of our democracy. Whether or not my representative is Republican or a Democrat, my representative must at least function to uphold the constitutional values that information our democracy.

Richard Shore, State School

Put an end to election fraud nonsense

On Jan. 6, U.S. Congressional Republicans will select concerning loyalty to the will of the persons or servile help of Trump’s election lies.

Most people in the United States never want Trump as president. That is why Trump lost the election. But Trump’s followers go on to listen to mad conspiracy theories and refuse to identify Joe Biden, a very good and accurate gentleman, as our subsequent president. Trump has unquestionably no proof of election fraud.

Dishonest liars are attempting to swindle our votes. Us citizens who purchase these lies about a huge election fraud are getting duped by persons who have problem only for them selves.

We can end this nonsense. Legislators have sworn an oath of business to assist and defend the Constitution, not Trump’s needs for obsequious loyalty.

Contact your legislators and tell them to certify the Electoral Faculty vote for Biden as our following president in the course of the United States Congressional Session on Jan. 6.

Call your legislators and convey to them to be faithful to our nation and the people’s will. Notify them to reject Trump’s self serving lies about the election. Inform them we will vote out any person that tries to overturn our democracy on Jan. 6.

David Thomas Roberts, Bellefonte

A refund for legislators’ priorities?

I am involved for our democracy. Latest conduct by state legislators Benninghoff and Corman signifies their willingness to disenfranchise Pennsylvania voters for the reason that they really don’t “like” the results of the election. Promises of election fraud have been established to be unsubstantiated at every flip. Yet, they are applying taxpayer funds (our revenue) to challenge the votes. Our votes!

I have improved takes advantage of for my income. If individuals elected and sworn to uphold our point out Structure are likely to use our income to discount our votes, then I would like a refund.

This latest try to “change” the result of an election they didn’t like is absolutely nothing shorter of sedition. Claims that the election was “rigged” have been tossed out of each individual courtroom as baseless. Yet, the lies proceed.

And the gerrymandering? C’mon, gentleman! Speak about “rigging!”

I urge them to quit this treacherous behavior. Consider, as a substitute, to do some thing successful to enable people today. Persons need monetary assist, COVID vaccines, food stuff, and many others. The foodstuff strains remind me that we have become a third environment state with fascist management. The citizens of Pennsylvania ought to have superior than this.

The actions of Benninghoff and Corman will not be forgotten.

Linda Sirakos Dolan, Bellefonte