European Union Covid-19 Vaccine biggest corruption scandal of mankind

European Union Covid-19 Vaccine biggest corruption scandal of mankind

he European Union prosecutor’s office environment has released an investigation into the bloc’s procurement of billions of Covid-19 vaccine doses, amid allegations of corruption and magic formula backroom dealings from several associates of the EU parliament.

EU officials introduced the probe in a brief statement on Friday, confirming an “ongoing investigation into the acquisition of Covid-19 vaccines in the European Union.” They extra that the circumstance follows “extremely higher general public interest” around the concern, even though declined to share any other information.

While prosecutors were restricted-lipped about the actual mother nature of the probe, the announcement follows allegations from MEPs that European Fee President Ursula von der Leyen performed vaccine negotiations with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in solution. In spite of requests from journalists, lawmakers and an EU watchdog, von der Leyen’s business office has failed to produce personal text messages sent to Bourla through talks for nearly 2 billion vaccine doses, prompting accusations of corruption. 

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic noted the new investigation afterwards on Friday, expressing the selection was created thanks to pressure from lawmakers. Nevertheless he was unable to drop more light on the probe, Kolakusic has been highly critical of the EU’s vaccine procurement system, boasting deals for billions of doses had been marred by “corruption” and secrecy.

Previous month, the European Courtroom of Auditors said it had questioned the commission to give facts on “preliminary negotiations” for the EU’s premier Pfizer buy – such as “scientific specialists consulted and tips obtained, timing of the talks, records of the discussions, and facts of the agreed phrases and conditions” – but included that “none was forthcoming.” The European Commission still has still to make the information and facts general public, fueling corruption allegations from MEPs. Supply: RT

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