Best Legal Billing Software Features That Every Lawyer Should Consider


Not every law firm billing software is worth investing in, so how to decide which one is the best choice for my law firm?

Running a law firm and executing many administrative tasks is a tedious part to be performed by every legal professional. Elements like managing documents, generating invoices, updating clients, trust accounting, securing information, receiving payments, and many more are certain activities that are needed to be performed daily to streamline workflow.

As you read this blog, you will learn about the features you should consider before choosing legal billing software for your practice.

Before choosing any legal billing software, consider these factors

Struggling to select the best legal billing software for your legal practice? Looking for some affordable strategies to make the selection process much seamless? Well, there are many important factors that are to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect billing software for your legal work-

  1. Effective Time Tracking

For making your billing accurate, time tracking plays a crucial part. Whether it be many hours or just some minutes, everything should be accurate in a whole report.

A billing software without proper time tracking can be a waste of investment and can result in poor billing reports for your law firm. Check for a good time tracking feature in billing software before getting into the final decision.

  1. Quick Invoicing

Billing reports and preparing informative bills is what gains more clients and helps lawyers in creating more positive client relationships in less time. Clients pay for your work, and the invoices are the result of which clients pay you.

Having a good invoicing feature is also one of the important features to be considered in the billing software you are seeing.

  1.  Helpful Integrations

Just billing software is not what all lawyers are aiming for. Being in the legal industry brings about many new tasks and activities that are to be managed separately and hassle-free.

Billing software brings many top-notch integrations like Xero, QuickBooks, LEDES billing, and many more. Check whether the billing software you choose has integrations with helpful tools and then invest in it.

  1. Hassle-free Document Management

Documents aren’t hassle-free, especially for legal professionals. New cases bring new information and storing all the data in a single place becomes one of the most time-consuming tasks for legal professionals.

An automated document management feature is included in top billing software to ease the documentation process for your legal processes.

  1. Faster Payment Mechanism

Payments take a huge time if they are not processed from a simplified and flexible procedure. Cash transactions are not something clients agreed upon. Shifting towards the digital transfer of money is a better option and should be there in the billing software you choose.

Many legal billing software also provides credit card facilities so that clients can pay according to their convenience.

  1. Secure Client Portal

Communicating with your clients and customers is something that no lawyers want to miss. Giving updates, exchanging information, Sending files, and many more need to be kept secure under the software.

A cloud-based billing software must have a good client portal to securely communicate with clients whenever and wherever needed without any additional cost or effort.

  1. Desktop Timer

Recoding work and analyzing performance are really crucial when it comes to business growth. But how to record every hour of work?

It’s simple with the new desktop timer feature availability which helps you record every minute of your work and gives you a complete detailed view of the number of hours you worked.

  1. Vendor Management

Not every software has this feature embedded in it. But few softwires help you to record every vendor in a centralized place.

It helps you in making a whole list of who provides you with services and helps you in being updated with all your vendors from time to time. It helps lawyers to focus more on their core work.

  1. Communication Management

Having a record of all phone logs seems impossible with a paper formatted approach. Writing down every single call detail on a piece of paper seems a daunting task. A well-established cloud-based platform can serve your law firm with a good phone log storage system where you can easily create new logs and also edit them whenever needed.

It will give you a whole list of phone details and will also present you with a secure system to store all phone log information in a single place.


Choosing a lawyer billing software brings many points to be considered before directly taking the final decision on choosing a billing software for your need. Important points like invoicing, payments, document storage, data security, and many more are some crucial points to be remembered and executed. The above points will help you in developing a clear idea about the whole process of identifying which law firm billing software is best for your law firm. A good billing software not only results in more productivity but also helps lawyers in focusing more on core work.

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